Fair Use Policy

FUP is designed to make Uncapped Unshaped internet services more affordable to consumers who require only light to moderate data usage without having to buy extra data should they exceed their normal usage from time to time. Services with a FUP puts less strain on the total available bandwidth of the Service Provider and can therefore be offered at a reduced price.

FUP refers to limitations placed on your normal maximum bandwidth speed after a predefined amount of data usage over a Rolling Period of days as determined by the type of service or your Service Provider. The connection to the internet is never blocked which means you can continue to use uncapped data. Data is not Shaped according to type, i.e. browsing, torrent downloading, streaming etc.

Data Type Shaping

All our services are Uncapped & Unshaped. Your service will never be disconnected or blocked (capped) according to total data usage and you can use as much data as possible over the respective service speeds. Data is not shaped (restricted) according to the type of data (torrents, downloads etc.) or the time of day you use / download. If reference is made to the word shaping of one of these services, it would be meant as a synonym of thresholding and refer to a speed limitation and NOT data type limitation.


“Bandwidth” means – The speed of your connection to the internet measured in Mbps.

“FUP” means – Fair use policy.

“Mbps” means – Megabits per second.

“Rolling Period” means – A period of days that “rolls” with whatever the current date is. A 7-day rolling period refers to the 7 days immediately prior to the day it is calculated on independent of the calendar start or end date of the month and can start in the previous month or year and end in the current month or year.

“Service Provider” means – The company providing your internet service / connection.

“Shaped or Shaping” means – The limitation or blocking of data traffic for a certain period based on the type of data traffic.

“Thresholding” means – Setting of certain usage totals after which a FUP will apply and line speed Throttled.

“Throttling” or Throttled” means – Rate reduction the maximum amount of bandwidth speed and is used to control usage over a certain period.

“Uncapped” means – No limit or capping on the total data usage.

“Unshaped” means – No restriction according to the type of data traffic uploaded or downloaded.



  1. Wireless Product

Bandwidth Throttling Applied

Express: 50% reduction of normal service speed. This applies to upload and download speed.

Premium Packages: No reduction of speed (No FUP).



5 Mbps 500GB
8 Mbps 600GB
10 Mbps 700GB
15 Mbps 800GB
20 Mbps 900GB
25 Mbps 1TB
35 Mbps 1.5TB
45 Mbps 2TB